I collected here some useful information and documents about Nightfire's file formats and some other useful stuff from people.

Nightfire BSP Structure:

BSP Lumps Table, with additional information about each lump. Made by FordGT90Concept, edited by 005 and Tres.

Lumps Structures, in C++ code, made by Tres.

Tree of most BSP based games and their evolutions.

MDL Files: (models)

MDL version 11 structure. This is and old mdl version for NF (it currently uses the version 14) which is read by Gearcraft and generated by the StudioMDL that comes with the tools. It's not very useful, as it is not complete, but handy to start a research of it. Made by Tres.

MDL version 14 structure. This is an evolution from the version 11, edited by Philip in his research, it's not complete either.

MDL version 14 structure. New structure from FordGT90Concept

SPZ Files: (sprites)

SPZ file structure. Nightfire sprite structure for compiled sprites.

DAT Files: (fonts)

DAT file format. Structure created by FordGT90Concept and 005.

WPT Files: (waypoints)

Waypoint commands. Useful for creating bots paths, movements and behaviour in your maps, information by Maurits.

Waypoint script. Made by Maurits and improved by UltimateSniper.

Nightfire General Documents:

Info files extracted by 005: Keys - Functions - Entities - Variables - Half Life Entities